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On this Top Education Quotes page I provide links to PDF collections of the most interesting, thought-provoking, and useful quotations on other education and school topics in the categories of Achievement, Adolescence, Children, College, Curriculum, Dan L. Miller Quotes, Education, Graduation, Knowledge, Learning, Parents & Parenting, School, Service Learning, Students, Teachers and Teaching, Testing, Thinking/Mind/Ideas, and Wisdom

This collection of quotations is unique in that I’ve chosen for inclusion in this educational website only quotes that are pertinent and straightforward and address the importance of education. I’ve added classic quotations, but I’ve also used many quotations taken directly from primary sources, and I’ve purposely integrated numerous quotes from women and minorities.

In addition to the wisdom and guidance quotes provide, the Top Education Quotes are perfectly suited for use in displays, presentations, speeches, research, students’ papers, and classroom lessons and discussions.

I begin this page with an essay on How to Effectively Use Quotations in Your Classroom.

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How To Effectively Use Quotations in Your Classroom

Miller, Dan L. “How to Effectively Use Quotations in Your Classroom.” Education-Related Quotes,  WordPress, 20 Jan. 2021,

I value quotations because they yield the greatest insight from the fewest words. In addition to the wisdom and guidance quotes provide, quotes are perfectly suited for use in displays, presentations, speeches, research, students’ papers, writing prompts, and classroom lessons and discussions. Quotations are short. Considering the fast-paced, media culture in which our students are immersed, a quotation ranging from five to six words to three or four sentences is readily acceptable to the adolescent in a hurry. As a change of pace from short stories, poems, and novels, teachers find it refreshing to delve into quotations to stimulate thought and focus on the development of communication, academic, and social skills. Accessing the wealth of wisdom provided by quotation sources, educators can use quotations to achieve many worthwhile goals. In this article I provide and describe many uses for quotes in the school setting.

How to Effectively Use Quotes in Your Classroom

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