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I am quite impressed. In fact, I will be forwarding the link to many English teachers, since I teach Language Arts teacher candidates. The quote that hooked me (among many) is:

Without a knowledge of mythology much of the elegant literature of our own language cannot be understood and appreciated.

–Thomas Bulfinch

Greek and Roman mythology are two of my passions, and I taught both of them for many years. I also minored in Latin in my undergrad studies. 

I have not read every facet, but I do believe this site would be a great asset for any writer, teacher, professor or English university students, as well as any individual interested in great quotes form great writers.

Marie Gironda

Professor, University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California

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Thanks for sharing my quotes. I’m really impressed with your works and honoured that you chose my works!

Ramana Pemmaraju

Author and Film Producer


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A laudable and truly impressive effort, Dan. Thank you for sharing this veritable treasure house of inspiring resources.

Vincent Walsh, Ph.D.

English Teacher, New Britain High School

New Britain, Connecticut


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Great list of quotes. This is my first time on your post, and your stuff is really interesting. Thanks.

Malik Aarif

Author of the website Quotm—Life Changing Quotes


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